Young Dumb & Broke

Khalid's 2017 R&B hit, "Young Dumb & Broke" describes the plight of a young man who is:

  1. Young - not sure yet what he really wants
  2. Dumb - academic standing isn't great
  3. Broke - fiscally unstable

At least he is self-aware.

The 3 traits he describes might be a worst-case scenario in this classic strategy concept:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.47.31 PM.png

While the original concept was designed for businesses, I think this is a useful way to think about what kind of work you should do. It's a simple framework, but a good place to start when career planning. And given that things can change, it’s worth revisiting every few years. I hope Khalid will revisit his situation in the future to figure out what he should do.

Framework credit: Jim Collins, Good to Great

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